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High Performance Plastics in Singapore

Welcome to Modifiy EM, where we redefine possibilities through an extensive array of High Performance Plastics meticulously crafted for diverse industries. Our specialized materials are designed to endure extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, and demand superior strength and stiffness for a myriad of applications.

Vespel – PolyImide (PI):

Unlock the potential of Vespel, our PolyImide (PI) solution renowned for excelling in applications demanding resilience against wear and prolonged life in challenging environments. With a spectrum of grades available, Vespel exhibits exceptional physical and mechanical properties, blending heat resistance, lubricity, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, and creep resistance. Operating seamlessly from cryogenic temperatures to 288°C, Vespel stands as a pinnacle in high-performance engineering plastics.

PEEK – PolyEther Ether Ketone:

Dive into the world of PEEK, our semi-crystalline thermoplastic boasting unparalleled mechanical and chemical resistance properties sustained at high temperatures (+260°C). Tailored for applications demanding top-notch performance under extreme conditions, PEEK delivers resilience against temperature variations, chemical attacks, high-energy radiation, and electrical challenges.

PVDF – PolyVinyliDene Fluoride:

PVDF, our semi-crystalline engineering thermoplastic, shines with excellent chemical resistance, superior machinability, and versatility. With a temperature range from -30°C to +150°C, PVDF demonstrates remarkable resistance to chlorine, bromine, and high-energy radiation. Perfect for applications demanding purity, strength, and resistance to various elements.

Torlon – PolyAmide-Imide (PAI):

Meet Torlon, our PolyAmide-Imide (PAI) solution, a high-strength plastic with the highest stiffness among thermoplastics up to 275°C. Unmatched in resistance to wear, creep, and chemicals, Torlon is the go-to choice for severe service environments, setting the standard for demanding applications.

Ultem – PolyEtherImide (PEI):

Explore Ultem, our PolyEtherImide (PEI) solution, an amorphous thermoplastic akin to PEEK. Boasting exceptional thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties, Ultem is ideal for applications requiring this unique combination. While it exhibits lower impact strength, Ultem compensates with a higher use temperature (operating temperature up to +170°C).

PPS – PolyPhenylene Sulfide:

PPS, our high-performance thermoplastic, is the solution for high-temperature applications. Molded, extruded, or machined to high tolerances, PPS offers desirable properties, including resistance to heat, acids, alkalies, mildew, bleaches, aging, sunlight, and abrasion.


Introducing Rulon, the epitome of chemical inertness, combining high compressive strength, low friction, and exceptional resistance to abrasion and corrosion. Used in bearing and seal applications, Rulon thrives in temperatures ranging from -400°F to 500°F without the need for supplemental lubricants.


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