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Antistatic Plastics in Singapore

In today’s precision-driven industries, the unwanted presence of static electricity can pose significant challenges. The origin of electric charge, often a result of friction between surfaces, can lead to a cascade of issues, particularly in environments where cleanliness and precision are paramount. This is where Antistatic Plastics play a crucial role.

Understanding the Challenge

Electric charge, generated through dynamic friction (known as tribo-electric charges), can disrupt the equilibrium of surfaces. This phenomenon results in a loss of electrons for the releasing surface (creating a positive charge) and a gain in electrons for the receiving surface (leading to a negative charge). The consequences are not merely theoretical; these charges attract dust particles, a concern particularly in applications such as clean rooms and semiconductor industries.

The Role of Antistatic Plastics

Antistatic Plastics serve as a proactive solution to combat the challenges posed by static electricity. These specialized materials are designed to prevent the generation of static discharges through friction, ensuring a controlled and stable environment. By using Antistatic Plastics, industries can maintain the integrity of their processes, safeguarding against the detrimental impact of unwanted static charges.

Our Antistatic Plastics Portfolio

We take pride in offering a diverse range of Antistatic Plastics, each tailored to meet specific industry needs. Our materials include:

  • Anti-static PVC
  • Anti-static PMMA
  • Anti-static PC
  • Anti-static PE
  • Anti-static PP
  • Anti-static POM
  • Anti-static PEI
  • Anti-static PEEK
  • Anti-static PTFE
  • Anti-static PAI
  • Anti-static PA
  • Anti-static ABS
  • Anti-static PI

Why Choose Our Antistatic Plastics?

  1. Precision and Reliability: Our Antistatic Plastics are engineered with a focus on precision and reliability, ensuring consistent performance in critical applications.

  2. Diverse Applications: From clean room environments to semiconductor industries, our materials are versatile and cater to a wide array of applications.

  3. Customized Solutions: Recognizing the unique needs of different industries, we offer customization options to tailor our Antistatic Plastics to your specific requirements.


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