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Delivering excellence worldwide, BioPolymer Materials stands as a global leader with its dedicated Plastics and Rubber Solutions  offering a diverse product range to meet varied industrial needs.

About Us

Committed to Global Excellence

At BioPolymer Materials, our unwavering commitment is to deliver high-quality products globally. With two dynamic divisions—’Plastics’ and ‘Rubber’—we cater to diverse industrial needs. Our belief in versatility drives us to provide an extensive product range, ensuring a perfect fit for various market segments. Trust BioPolymer Materials for excellence in every plastic and rubber solution.

Our Services

Versatile Solutions

Explore BioPolymer Materials’s comprehensive services, spanning polycarbonate roofing sheets, PVC boards, acrylic sheets, rubber mats, and more. Your one-stop solution for industrial plastic and rubber needs.

Plastic and Rubber Supplier

Rubber Solutions

Step into the realm of possibilities with BioPolymer Materials's Rubber Solutions. Explore a broad spectrum of rubber sponge, sheets, and matting, providing versatile solutions for various applications.

Plastics Solutions

Uncover a diverse world of plastics at BioPolymer Materials. Our Plastics Solutions offers an extensive selection, including high-performance, antistatic, general, and eco-friendly plastics tailored to meet your industrial needs.

Our Process

BioPolymer Materials's Engineering Excellence

At BioPolymer Materials, we draw inspiration from commitment, performance, and quality. Our mission is to provide top-tier plastic and rubber solutions tailored to your industrial needs, ensuring both performance and sustainability.

Commitment to Sustainability

At BioPolymer Materials, sustainability is our guiding principle. BioPolymer Materials is dedicated to delivering eco-friendly plastics, we prioritize environmental responsibility. Our commitment involves harnessing renewable resources to produce eco-plastics that boast remarkable mechanical strength and impeccable chemical resistance.

Unmatched Performance

Experience the pinnacle of performance with BioPolymer Materials's extensive product range. We offer high-performance solutions that exhibit diverse characteristics, including exceptional chemical resistance, electrical conductivity, and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Whatever your application, BioPolymer Materials has the ideal solution for you.


Transformative Goals for a Sustainable Future


Carbon Emission

At BioPolymer Materials, we aspire to be pioneers in plastics decarbonization. Our goal is an ambitious 30% reduction in carbon emissions, championing eco-friendly practices from manufacturing to final goods delivery.


Time Efficiency

Striving for excellence, BioPolymer Materials optimizes supply chains for swift product delivery. Our commitment involves a targeted 50% reduction in delivery time, supported by a highly efficient production and sales team.


Cost Effectiveness

BioPolymer Materials is dedicated to efficiency, technology, and productivity enhancements, aiming for a commendable 30% reduction in costs. We focus on competitive raw material prices, passing on the savings to our clients for mutually beneficial relationships.

Cost Effective