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DuPont Vespel Slides – High-Performance Parts

Welcome to our article about DuPont Vespel slides, high-performance parts that are revolutionizing various industries. As a leading manufacturer in high-performance materials, DuPont has developed Vespel slides that offer outstanding properties and design flexibility for demanding applications. These slides are made from a variety of materials, including polyimides, thermoplastics, composites, and chemically resistant polymers.

The Vespel S Line, known for its exceptional thermal resistance, low wear and friction, strength, and impact resistance, is a popular choice for critical applications. The CR Line provides excellent chemical resistance and is widely used in refineries and chemical processing. For self-lubrication, wear and impact resistance, the CP Line is the go-to option. Moreover, the ASB Line integrates the attributes of multiple materials into an assembly, offering unparalleled performance.

One remarkable material in the Vespel family is the AURUM resin, a thermoplastic polyimide. This innovative material exhibits low outgassing, superior radiation resistance, excellent wear performance, and outstanding resistance to chemicals, making it an excellent alternative to metals, ceramics, and other plastics.

Stay tuned for the next sections of our article, where we will explore the diverse applications, advantages, technology, and performance of DuPont Vespel slides. Discover how these high-performance parts are enhancing the performance and reliability of industrial equipment and automotive systems alike.

Vespel Slide Applications and Advantages

DuPont Vespel slides offer a multitude of applications across various industries, making them a versatile choice for high-performance parts. The exceptional qualities of Vespel slides, in combination with their design flexibility, provide long-lasting solutions to meet the demands of challenging environments and applications.


Here are some of the key industries and applications where Vespel slides frequently find use:

  • Pumps
  • Actuators
  • Electric motors
  • Small reduction motors
  • Cooling fan motors
  • Gear boxes
  • Window lift motors
  • Sunroof motors
  • Door slide motors
  • Wiper motors

These applications represent just a fraction of the industries where Vespel slides are employed. Their versatility allows for broader usage, ensuring they can adapt to meet specific needs across various sectors.


Vespel slides offer several advantages that contribute to their widespread adoption in demanding applications:

  1. Durability: Vespel slides exhibit exceptional durability, allowing them to withstand demanding physical environments and extended use.
  2. High-temperature resistance: With their ability to withstand high temperatures, Vespel sldes are well-suited for applications where heat is a crucial factor.
  3. Low wear and friction: The low wear and friction properties of Vespel slides enable smooth operation and reduce the need for frequent maintenance.
  4. Chemical resistance: Vespel slides are chemically resistant, making them ideal for applications where exposure to harsh chemicals is a concern.
  5. Easy machinability: Vespel slides are easy to machine, allowing for precise customization and seamless integration into various systems.

The combination of these advantages makes Vespel slides a reliable and long-lasting solution for high-temperature and wear-resistant applications, offering enhanced performance and durability compared to alternative materials.

Vespel Slide Applications

Applications Advantages
Pumps Durability, low wear and friction
Actuators High-temperature resistance, chemical resistance
Electric motors Ease of machinability, low wear and friction
Small reduction motors Durability, high-temperature resistance
Cooling fan motors Ease of machinability, chemical resistance

Vespel Slide Technology and Performance

At DuPont, we pride ourselves on utilizing advanced technology and high-performance materials in the manufacturing of Vespel slides. Our slides are created through a precise compression molding process, ensuring accurate dimensions and consistent performance. The key to their exceptional capabilities lies in the Vespel material itself, which possesses remarkable thermal resistance properties.

Vespel slides are designed to withstand high temperatures without suffering from deformation or damage. This thermal resistance allows them to excel in demanding environments where other materials may fail. Additionally, our slides boast low friction and wear characteristics, guaranteeing smooth operation and an extended service life.

Despite being lightweight, Vespel slides exhibit impressive strength, striking a perfect balance between performance and efficiency. This makes them a preferred choice across various industries, where reliability and durability are crucial factors.

Vespel Slide Technology

The image above showcases the cutting-edge Vespel slide technology that we employ, highlighting its intricate design and engineering. This image perfectly represents the essence of Vespel slide performance.

Benefits of Vespel Slide Technology:

  • Exceptional thermal resistance
  • Low friction and wear characteristics
  • Smooth operation
  • Extended service life
  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Reliable and durable


“We have been utilizing DuPont Vespel slides in our manufacturing operations for years, and the performance has been truly outstanding. The slides’ exceptional thermal resistance and durability have greatly contributed to the reliable functioning of our equipment. We highly recommend Vespel slide technology for any high-temperature and wear-resistant applications.”

Applications Industries
Pumps Oil & Gas
Actuators Chemical
Electric Motors Automotive
Gear Boxes Manufacturing

Vespel Slide Applications in Automotive Industry

DuPont Vespel slides are widely utilized in the automotive industry for a multitude of applications. These high-performance parts find their place in small electric motors, actuators, and various automotive systems. An array of components including Vespel thrust plugs, thrust plates, and actuator bushings are commonly employed in reduction motors, cooling fan motors, gear boxes, window lift motors, sunroof motors, door slide motors, and wiper motors, enhancing their performance and service life.

By offering exceptional wear resistance, low friction, high-temperature resistance, and easy machinability, Vespel slides provide the perfect solution for automotive applications where durability and reliability are paramount. These advanced materials ensure the right amount of friction for smooth operation, enabling automotive components to function seamlessly. Whether it’s optimizing the performance of electric motors or improving the functionality of automotive systems, Vespel slides demonstrate their versatility and effectiveness.

Vespel Slide Applications in Automotive Industry

Advantages of Vespel Slide Technology in Automotive Applications

  • Exceptional wear resistance
  • Low friction for smooth operation
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Chemical resistance to withstand harsh environments
  • Easy machinability for customized designs


When it comes to high-performance parts, DuPont Vespel slides stand out for their exceptional qualities. They are made from high-performance materials using advanced technology, ensuring precise dimensions and consistent performance. These slides offer a range of advantages, including exceptional durability, high-temperature resistance, low wear and friction, chemical resistance, and easy machinability.

Vespel slides find applications in various industries, from pumps and actuators to electric motors and automotive systems. Their superior characteristics make them reliable and long-lasting solutions for high-temperature and wear-resistant applications. Whether you’re looking to improve the performance of industrial equipment or enhance automotive systems, DuPont Vespel slides deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

With their outstanding thermal resistance and low friction properties, Vespel slides are trusted for their ability to withstand demanding physical environments. Their high-temperature resistance and chemical resistance make them ideal for industries such as refineries and chemical processing. Additionally, Vespel slides provide the right amount of friction for smooth operation, ensuring the longevity of automotive components.

Choose DuPont Vespel slides for your high-performance applications, and experience the advantages of these high-performance materials. With their durability, temperature resistance, low wear and friction, chemical resistance, and easy machinability, Vespel slides are the go-to solution for various industries.


What are DuPont Vespel slides?

DuPont Vespel slides are high-performance parts made from a variety of materials such as polyimides, thermoplastics, composites, and chemically resistant polymers.

What are the advantages of using Vespel slides?

Vespel slides offer exceptional durability, high-temperature resistance, low wear and friction, chemical resistance, and easy machinability.

What applications are Vespel slides suitable for?

Vespel slides have a wide range of applications in various industries, including pumps, actuators, electric motors, and automotive systems.

What makes Vespel slides long-lasting?

Vespel slides are manufactured using advanced technology and high-performance materials, ensuring precise dimensions, consistent performance, and a long service life.

Are Vespel slides suitable for high-temperature applications?

Yes, Vespel slides exhibit exceptional thermal resistance, allowing them to withstand high temperatures without deformation or damage.

Do Vespel slides offer low friction and wear?

Yes, Vespel slides have low friction and wear characteristics, ensuring smooth operation and a prolonged service life.

Are Vespel slides chemically resistant?

Yes, Vespel slides offer excellent chemical resistance, making them suitable for use in demanding environments such as refineries and chemical processing plants.

Can Vespel slides be easily machined?

Yes, Vespel slides can be easily machined, providing design flexibility and easy integration into different applications.

What industries use Vespel slides?

Vespel slides find extensive applications in industries such as pumps, actuators, electric motors, and automotive systems.

How do Vespel slides improve automotive systems?

Vespel slides provide the right amount of friction for smooth operation, improving the service life of automotive components such as reduction motors, cooling fan motors, gear boxes, and more.

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