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Delrin 100AF in Singapore: Durable Engineering Plastic

Welcome to our article on Delrin 100AF, a highly durable engineering plastic widely used in a range of applications in Singapore. Delrin 100AF, also known as Polyoxymethylene (POM), is a high-performance acetal resin known for its exceptional physical and mechanical properties.

Delrin 100AF offers remarkable durability, stiffness, and dimensional stability, making it an ideal choice for advanced mechanical applications. It possesses high crystallinity and exceptional properties such as low friction, wear resistance, and moisture resistance, making it suitable for use in high-load and high-impact applications.

Delrin 100AF can be easily machined into various shapes and sizes, allowing for the creation of different parts and components. Its excellent machinability makes it highly versatile and convenient for custom project requirements.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the properties, benefits, applications, machining capabilities, availability, and suppliers of Delrin 100AF in Singapore. We will provide valuable insights and guidance to help you understand and utilize this exceptional engineering plastic effectively.

Delrin 100AF Benefits and Applications

Delrin 100AF offers a range of benefits that make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. Its high strength and stiffness properties, combined with its exceptional dimensional stability, make it suitable for high-impact and heavy load carrying applications.

Delrin 100AF also exhibits low moisture absorption, allowing it to maintain its properties in high humidity environments. Its excellent impact and creep resistance contribute to its durability under heavy loads. Moreover, Delrin 100AF has superior chemical resistance to fuels and solvents, making it suitable for use in the petrochemical industry. Its exceptional wear and abrasion resistance, as well as its low coefficient of friction, make it ideal for applications such as gears and piping systems where components experience frequent contact and movement.

Delrin 100AF finds applications in various industries, including automotive, electrical, electronics, food production, and petrochemical industries. Its versatile properties enable it to be used in a wide range of products and components that require strength, durability, chemical resistance, and low friction.

Delrin 100AF in Applications

Industry Applications
Automotive Gears, bushings, fuel system components
Electrical Insulators, connectors, circuit breakers
Electronics Switches, connectors, relay parts
Food Production Conveyor belts, food processing equipment
Petrochemical Pipes, valves, seals

Delrin 100AF Machining and Availability

Delrin 100AF, renowned for its outstanding machinability, offers great versatility when it comes to creating custom parts and components for specific applications. With the ability to be easily cut and shaped using various tools and techniques, Delrin 100AF enables precise dimensional adjustments to match your project requirements and specifications.

This engineering plastic’s excellent machining characteristics make it an ideal choice for industries that demand intricate designs and precise machining processes. Whether you need to fabricate gears, bearings, rollers, or other complex components, Delrin 100AF ensures a smooth and efficient machining experience.

Now let’s take a closer look at the availability of Delrin 100AF. This high-performance acetal resin is readily available in different forms to suit your project needs. Suppliers and distributors offer Delrin 100AF in sheets, tubes, and rods, giving you a wide range of options to choose from. Simply select the form and size that aligns with your specific requirements, and you’ll have the materials you need to bring your designs to life.

When it comes to acquiring Delrin 100AF, it’s recommended to contact reputable suppliers and distributors who can provide you with the necessary information regarding availability and pricing. Two trusted suppliers in Singapore known for their quality plastic components and materials are Fix Supply and Emco Industrial Plastics, Inc.

Delrin 100AF Machining

With its exceptional machinability and easy availability, Delrin 100AF empowers engineers and manufacturers with the flexibility to create durable and precise components for a wide range of applications.

Delrin 100AF Price and Suppliers

The price of Delrin 100AF can vary depending on factors such as quantity, size, and supplier. When considering purchasing Delrin 100AF, it is recommended to reach out to reputable suppliers or distributors to inquire about pricing and availability. They can provide detailed information regarding the current Delrin 100AF price and help you choose the best options for your needs.

In Singapore, there are several suppliers that offer Delrin 100AF. Two noteworthy suppliers in Singapore are Fix Supply and Emco Industrial Plastics, Inc. These suppliers have established a reputation for providing high-quality plastic components and materials. They offer a wide range of options and can assist you with selecting the specific Delrin 100AF product that meets your requirements.

By contacting these suppliers, you can obtain accurate pricing information, explore different package sizes or quantities, and secure the Delrin 100AF materials necessary for your projects. Maintaining a working relationship with trusted suppliers ensures that you have a reliable source for future procurement needs.


Delrin 100AF is an exceptional engineering plastic that offers a diverse range of applications. With its impressive specifications, including low friction, remarkable wear resistance, and dimensional stability, it is the perfect choice for advanced mechanical projects. Industries across Singapore rely on Delrin 100AF for its unique combination of metallic and plastic properties, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

Whether it’s for gears, bearings, rollers, or piping systems, Delrin 100AF consistently delivers outstanding results. Its ability to withstand heavy loads and maintain its integrity under challenging conditions sets it apart from other materials. Additionally, Delrin 100AF is highly regarded for its machinability, allowing for precision shaping and customization.

Availability is another factor that makes Delrin 100AF an attractive option for engineers and manufacturers. With readily accessible sheets, tubes, and rods in various sizes, acquiring Delrin 100AF for specific project requirements is quick and convenient.

When it comes to engineering plastics, Delrin 100AF stands out as a reliable and high-performance choice. Its specifications make it the go-to material for industries in Singapore, offering exceptional performance, versatility, and ease of use for a wide range of applications.


What are the properties of Delrin 100AF?

Delrin 100AF, also known as Polyoxymethylene (POM), is a highly crystalline thermoplastic known for its durability, stiffness, and dimensional stability. It offers exceptional physical and mechanical properties, including high strength and stiffness, low moisture absorption, excellent wear resistance, and chemical resistance to fuels and solvents.

What are the uses of Delrin 100AF?

Delrin 100AF is suitable for a wide range of applications, including gears, bearings, rollers, conveyor belts, piping systems, and components in the automotive, electrical, electronics, food production, and petrochemical industries.

How is Delrin 100AF machined, and is it readily available?

Delrin 100AF is easy to machine and can be readily cut and shaped into the desired dimensions. It is available in the form of sheets, tubes, and rods, which can be obtained from suppliers and distributors.

What is the price of Delrin 100AF, and where can I find suppliers in Singapore?

The price of Delrin 100AF may vary depending on factors such as quantity, size, and supplier. It is recommended to contact reputable suppliers or distributors for pricing and availability information. Some suppliers in Singapore that offer Delrin 100AF include Fix Supply and Emco Industrial Plastics, Inc.

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